Personal Messenger

An app for long distance
families & friends

Staying in touch can be hard when you move away.

Staying in touch can be hard
when you move away.

PM makes this a lot easier.

Video conversations
without setting up a call

A PM is a short 1 on 1 video message recorded with the front camera that they’ll see instantly in beautiful full screen. And they can swipe to reply to it.

Magic Links
made just for Mom

With Magic Links, we make it unbelievably simple for Mom (and the rest of the family) to get started. They don’t even need to sign up; just simply click the link!

PM them anytime
you’re thinking of them

Sometimes you want to tell them that you miss them but they might not be able to take a call. Don’t wait, just send them a quick PM!

Gentle reminders to
help you stay in touch

We send you gentle reminders for the times you forget to message back. And don’t worry you can turn these off anytime.


“I would call my Mom maybe once every week, but now with PM I message her almost everyday. And she loves it!” — Jennifer K.
“PM has been a huge help with my girlfriend ever since I moved to a new city. We FaceTime almost every other day but with PM I feel like I’m a part of her everyday life.” — Sean A.
“I’ve been really bad at staying in touch with friends since I moved and I feel guilty about it too! PM has made this so much better and it feels far more natural than sending a text.” — Lilly C.

Our Story

We are a team of two (Frank & Jay) and we moved to San Francisco from Toronto in the fall of 2010. And since March of this year, we are back in Toronto following some issues we’ve had with our Visas. We made some great friends while we were in San Francisco and the move back has made it hard for us to stay in touch with them. Texting works fine but it can feel really impersonal at times. FaceTime is great but in spite of our best intentions it can be really hard to schedule. So we built PM; a simple way to stay connected with the people you love, even when you are miles away. We’ve been using PM with our family and friends and it’s become indispensable for us. We hope that you’ll love using it just as much as we do.

We would love to hear your feedback and you can learn more about us here.

Stay connected
from miles away